Brunch in the South of France in the Heart of Palm Springs


The windmills that dot the Coachella Valley.

The weekend is nearly upon us, and many readers may be thinking, “Where’s a good place to go that’s unique and has good food for brunch”? If you are going to be in or near the Coachella Valley over the weekend, then I highly suggest heading to Farm for your next brunch experience.

Farm is a hidden jewel where you can brunch in the South of France in the heart of Palm Springs. This amazing intimate dining spot is located in the Plaza area of downtown Palm Springs. However, it is so well hidden that you could easily pass it by over and over without ever seeing it.

My husband, Lance and I found ourselves in the Coachella Valley early one morning recently, and he suggested we find a spot nearby for breakfast or brunch. I am not that familiar with the Palm Springs area, so I did a little research online and found a place that piqued my interest called “Farm.” One description I read said that it was hidden away, magical, and perfect for brunch and that it served an excellent assortment of crepes. Well, these adjectives certainly got my attention! I shared this information with my hubby, and off we headed to try Farm for ourselves.

To say it’s “hidden” is a bit of an understatement. Downtown Palm Springs is not that large, yet we were unable to locate “Farm.” We had to use our GPS to get us to Farm, and it kept telling us, “Your destination is on the left.” However, we could not find anything that looked like a “specialty crepe” type of restaurant. There was a restaurant across the street that did not look “magical,” but it did have signs stating they served crepes, so we walked over to that location. The name of the restaurant was not “Farm.”  I asked the server if they had recently changed the name of their establishment or if the restaurant had been recently sold? I asked if this used to be Farm? As I was trying to pry information from the server, a guest overheard my questions and advised me that Farm was still very much in existence, tucked away across the street down a little pathway and between two shops. Yay! Farm was still in business. Fortunately, we had just overlooked their location.

The hidden path that leads to the “magic” garden of Farm.

We walked across the road and found the little path, and there was what appeared to be a hostess stand. A lovely young woman stated that the wait time was approximately 35 to 40 minutes at that point, which was about 9:30 am. We put our name on the list and then went on to shop around because she took our phone number. She said she would text us as soon as our table was ready. We found this to be a nice touch. It was much better than getting a “pager device” from the restaurant because this way we didn’t have to stay tethered to a 50 or 100-foot area. We were free to roam anywhere we pleased.

At exactly 40 minutes later we received a text that our table was ready. The young woman led us down a path to a lovely patio area filled with tables and chairs, greenery, and even a ceiling fan. The other descriptions were spot on about Farm. It was very out of the way and did have a “magical” feel. As I was sitting and gazing out at all the lovely plants, I kept thinking that any moment a cute little fairy creature would appear and quickly run across the yard.

The way the building is arranged and decorated, you feel like you’ve been transported to another place. The restaurant has a very South of France feel to it or at the very least a lovely and relaxing country garden. It is unique.  The way the garden is made dining is perfect for both intimate couples or a large gathering of friends. Either type of diner would feel very comfortable at Farm.

The enchanting looking patio and garden area.

My husband, Lance, was in the mood for a Mimosa. I wanted a drink as well but did not want something with orange juice. I’ve had Mimosa’s made with cranberry juice at other establishments, so was hoping Farm would accommodate my request. Once our server appeared, I asked about their Mimosa’s and was advised that they offer them made with orange juice, grapefruit juice, or watermelon. My goodness, that’s a new option, watermelon! It sounded unique and refreshing; therefore I was unable to resist. One orange juice Mimosa for my hubby, and I’ll take the watermelon option.

We then started to peruse the menu. There are many options to satisfy just about anyone. There are both breakfast and lunch options including salads, sweet or savory crepes, and omelets. There were just too many delicious looking items on the menu. After a bit of deliberation, we finally came to our decisions. Lance ordered the Andouille Omelette, and I chose the Poulet a La Creme Crepe because I adore crepes.

So many options! What to choose, what to choose?

Our drinks arrived as we were deliberating what to order. Lance’s traditional Mimosa tasted quite good and was the perfect ratio of orange juice to Champagne. My Watermelon Mimosa was sweet and tart, refreshing, but not quite as “watermelony” as I envisioned. The watermelon flavor almost came across my palette as an “aftertaste.” Don’t get me wrong. It tasted delicious. I was just hoping for a bit more watermelon flavor and bit more sweetness. My Mimosa was more Champagne than watermelon juice.

Our food arrived shortly after that, I would say in less than 15 minutes from when our drinks arrived. The Andouille Omelette was a generous sized portion. The eggs were light and fluffy, and the omelet was filled with an abundance of Andouille sausage, along with spinach, Gruyere, and avocado. My Poulet a La Creme Crepe did not disappoint. In the past, when I’ve ordered a savory crepe it was stuffed with the filling. However, at Farm, they serve what I would a call a deconstructed crepe. The crepe was folded and put as the base, then the filling was placed on top, and lastly the creme sauce was poured over everything. It looked lovely and tasted excellent. I’m just not used to seeing or eating a deconstructed crepe. However, both of our meals were well prepared and to our liking.

Our meal of Mimosas, an Andouille Omelette and the Poulet a La Creme Crepe.

We got an opportunity to meet briefly with the new owner, Liz Ostoich. She is a warm and welcoming person, and we found out that she’s owned Farm for approximately ten months as of the writing of this article. We also liked how she went from table to table to greet diners and listen to their input. In the past, we’ve met owners of restaurants, and they are not always warm and welcoming. Many times restaurant owners act very “uppity” like they are doing a favor to grace you with their presence. So, the warmth and openness of Liz were a welcomed change of pace. We are looking forward to making another trip to the Palm Springs area in our near future so we can enjoy another brunch in the magical garden of Farm.

Until next time, don’t forget to enjoy all the pleasures in your life both big and small.











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